Lisa Johnson-Stott Whistler real estate agent

Lisa Johnson-Stott

I am British by birth but have lived more outside of England than in it. I have been living in Whistler for over 17 years now and 12 years previous to that, I was in Switzerland. On deciding to give up “the corporate life” I came to Whistler for the first time in my life in October 1996 and on the same day of arriving into the resort, made an offer on a property! 5 months later I became the owner and operator of a large Pension Inn and for the next 12 years grew it to be the most profitable and highest occupancy rated Pension Inn in Whistler. My experience in marketing, customer relations and event coordination lead me to implement some unique strategies in obtaining high occupancy levels. I always make sure I stay ahead of the market and am well informed of new marketing ideas that I believe will work in the current business climate – this is key in any business.

During the time of operating my Inn, I also completed 20 other property transactions of my own, some of which were rental properties and others that gave me the opportunity of renovating and then selling them on again. I love design and see every home as a blank canvas for me to go to work on. I intend to pass this free knowledge and advice on as part of my service to my clients who want to go in that direction.

My love of real estate and investment into the Whistler market was featured in one of the Britain’s major newspapers, the Sunday Times in April 2004.

As I have worked with a number of realtors over the years, I know the importance of finding one that is looking out for your interests and not merely guaranteeing their paycheck at the end of the day. I will work with you to achieve the results you expect.

If you need references, I have no hesitation in providing names of people you can contact in the local business area of Whistler.

I always vowed when I became a realtor that “I would be different from other realtors” and I hope that you will find this out for yourself!